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In an agreement announced by government prosecutors Thursday, Pfizer unit Warner-Lambert admitted that it aggressively marketed the epilepsy drug by ... Asked about the widespread off-label use of Neurontin, ... Department becoming far more aggressive in cracking down on off-label promotion. In the ... Neurontin Ruling is Guide for DOJ Off-Label Promotion Cases - Prosecutor, F-D-C REP. (“The Pink Sheet”), Oct. 13, 2003, at 15, 15 [hereinafter Pink Sheet]. off-label promotion of Neurontin, and pro-vided illegal kickbacks to physicians. The ... moted Neurontin for off-label uses through its sales reps, ... Manufacturers of Neurontin reached a 5 million class action lawsuit settlement Wednesday over allegations they fraudulently marketed the prescription drug. The drug Neurontin is used as an example of why it is permissible for physicians to engage in off-label prescribing, but off-label marketing by ...

Gabapentin documents raise concerns about off-label promotion ... Article. Gabapentin documents raise concerns about off ... promotion of off-label ... According to the San Francisco Chronicle, off-label prescriptions accounted for roughly 90 percent of Neurontin sales. While off-label prescriptions are ... Quantifying Off-Label Prescriptions and Isolating Those Caused by Off-Label Promotion: Addressing These Measurement Challenges Using Health Economics Tools List of off-label promotion pharmaceutical settlements ... In the first off-label promotion case ever ... over off-label promotion of Neurontin, ...
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