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Can you get pregnant on yasmin - On Yasmin. Had unprotected sex in beginning of intercourss but used a condom afterwards in order for him not to ejaculate in me. Could I get pregnant? Yasmin. Yasmin is an oral contraceptive. If you are taking your Yasmin consistently you are 99% protected against pregnancy. BabyandBump Baby Forums Baby Club Concerned I became pregnant While on Yasmin Search: ... but more than 1 can lead to ... I hope you get an answer soon ... Can I get pregnant while taking Yasmin? . I have on the Yasmin pill now going on three months. I have been taking the peel to treat my irregular period ... Ok....for anyone to say NOPE is pure ignorance. There is no form of birth control that you cannot get pregnant on at ANY time. The best you can do is protect about 99.9%. But hell, you could get pregnant using a condom and being on birth control. On your second question you can get pregnant on the pill if you are not taking them at the sametime everyday. Everyday meaning if you take them at 9 pm you have to take them at 9 pm all the time. I would contact your Dr. if you continue ot have problems. Hope you feel better soon. W. Yes you can get pregnant on the pill. I'm on the yasmin pill and I fell pregnant, I took the pill everyday and never missed one. My baby boy is 6 months now.

Anyone get pregnant taking yasmin ... then check a while later ... I fell pregnant with my daughter wilst taking yasmin; but also antibiotics can stop ...

Best Answer: You can get pregnant on ANY pill. They're 99% effective. 1% CAN happen. ... No pill will protect you 100%- so in other words yes ... Does yasmin cause birth defects if you plan to ... for a baby,but when i did get pregnant,the previous bc i ... taking Yasmin while pregnant then ... Taking Yasmin can increase your risk ... You could get pregnant if you do not take ... Do not smoke while taking Yasmin, especially if you are older than ...
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