can you get drunk on effexor rating
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When I first began taking Effexor, I specifically asked my doctor (whose husband is on Effexor) if I could drink while on the medicine. She said yes, that is okay. The only problem is that it changes the way your body metabolizes the alcohol so you will get more drunk than you would off of the medicine. I would watch out for that. The first week I started taking Effexor, I went out with friends and truly forgot about being on the medicine - I got majorly drunk and SICK ... Can you drink alcohol while taking effexor ... which means that you could get drunk on smaller amounts of alcohol than you normally would. Also, ... You won't get drunk while taking Effexor XR, however you will destroy your liver very quickly, and cause other serious side effects as well as making the drug MUCH less effective than it would be without the toxic alcohol in your system. You really should not drink at all while taking Effexor XR or regular Effexor. I know, I take it.

I agree with your doc. I was on Effexor XR for about 2 years and it made alcohol a very unpredictable experience. It's very easy to get really drunk on one or two drinks. For me price for flonase it also had the nasty ability to make me feel hyper and exhausted at the same time. That wasn't fun. 2.) Plan at least 4 weeks ahead if you want to stop. If you get XRs, you can open them and reduce the amount of little balls inside to taper off without changing your prescription. There are the exact same number in every pill, and they are directly proportional to the dose. So half of the little pellets in a 150mg Effexor XR = 75mg Effexor XR.
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