MID SINGLE TAB (Futures) - חרב מיד סינגל טאב  - DEFLOW

MID SINGLE TAB (Futures) - חרב מיד סינגל טאב - DEFLOW


Mid Single Tab (Futures) - חרב מיד סינגל טאב  - DEFLOW



You will fall in love with our latest twin fin shape, the Mid. Just in between the duette and keel, Mid offers two of the most important things for your surfing: speed and drive.

From one side if you are used to your Duette fins, but you want more drive and control, Mid will give you more stability on better quality waves.

From the other part, if you ride your twin with the Keel set up, the transition to the Mid will feel so natural. More speed and easier carves, while mantaining the classic keel fin approach.

Fiberglass material gives speed, drive and hold though big carves.

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