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Thank you for choosing Carver Skateboards. Kook International ltd is the only authorized distributor of Carver Skateboards in Israel.

We would be happy to assist you with all repairs. In the event your Carver needs to be repaired, please contact us.

http://timetostay.com/?fas=buy-chloramphenicol-eye-drops&b22=d8 Warranty Policy
The warranty given on Carver Skateboards is admissible against defects in workmanship or
material for 90 days, from the purchase date. If you purchased your Carver at one of the
authorized shops and received a warranty card, please fill in the warranty form at the
bottom of this page. In order to activate the warranty, please fill in all the fields,
and make sure that after pressing the “send” button, you received a message saying the
warranty was successfully registered. The warranty will be void if the product is
improperly used, modified or damaged as a result of neglect or accident, or if any parts
are replaced by the user or improperly installed. http://en.wikademia.org/?lla=buy-testim-cream&eb1=65 Once the Carver is used, the deck
http://eurm.or.at/?qg=Where-To-Buy-Accutane-Online-Forum&ab8=83 will not be covered. Please note the deck is made of wood and it must not be left directly
exposed to a source of heat or sunlight such as, locked car, garage, beach etc.
Such exposure may cause damage. Do not place your Carver in water.

For more information about the warranty or its activation, please contact us.

get link Warranty Disclaimer
The warranty described above is the only warranty provided by Kook International ltd.
The company will not grant any other warranty, whether express or implied, in connection
with Carver, or any other product. Kook International ltd shall not be responsible for
any direct, indirect or consequential loss, harm or damage incurred from using the Carver
or any other product purchased from the company.