My Carver is shifting left (or right) when I push it, why is that?
It’s important to note that Carver is intended for someone to ride it, and not to be pushed by foot alone. If you feel that once you are on the carver, there is a shift to a certain side, it’s most likely because of the way you ride it. Usually, every person puts a bit more strength into a certain side (like your “stronger” side) which is not a problem, simply a tendency – keep riding and have fun!
My warranty has expired– what do I do now?
We pride ourselves on excellent customer service – even if your warranty has expired, you would be happy to know we still provide service to anyone in need. Please contact us for any assistance. 
How often should I replace the bearings on my Carver?
Generally speaking, the wheel bearings should be replaced once you have ridden your Carver for more than 60 hours. If you notice a wheel isn't spinning as it used to – it’s time to change it. 
Why are there risers underneath the trucks?
The black risers underneath the trucks are there in order to prevent the wheels from touching the board – you can add or remove risers according to preference. 
Can I repair my Carver?
Yes. If you have any issue with your Carver, you are in need of repair or if you just want to ask a question please contact us
Does the back truck affect the riding and can it be adjusted?
Of course. The back Carver truck (C2) serves as the fins on a surfboard. This is the truck that stabilizes the Carver and it absorbs all of the movement and pressure caused from riding the Carver. You can adjust its movement by turning the bolt above the red busing. Turn it to the right to tighten it, or turn it to the left to loosen it. Sometimes a little adjustment to the C2 will give you the movement you have been looking for without the need to touch the front truck at all.
How do I adjust the C7 front truck?
First, please make sure that you never touch the front pivot bolt. In case you wish to strengthen or loosen the truck you need to turn the bolt that controls the spring inside the truck. This bolt can be found above the risers – turn it to the right to harden the movement or left to loosen it.
Do you have video clips that can teach me how to ride Carver?
Yes! We are working nonstop to produce new clips of our team members and also other clips, from Israel and abroad, where you can learn how to ride a Carver. Check out our clips on our Youtube account
Where do I register my Carver warranty?
You can register you warranty on our website under Carver -> Warranty
What is the difference between the C7 truck and the CX truck?
The C7 truck is Carver’s signature surfskate front truck that is protected by a registered patent. This truck can pump incredibly and has a large turning radius. The truck has a spring loaded swing arm that allows it to swing from side to side, allowing you to catch speed. The CX truck is similar to the C7 one, and may be more suitable for skaters that want to experience a board that connects between surfing and a regular skateboard. The CX is almost like a hybrid truck that bridges both worlds. The CX truck has a similar feel to the C7, however it is less extreme, so if you are looking for a familiar feeling, but you want to pump and surf, it is likely that the CX truck is what you are looking for. The new CX truck is very lose and some say it turns even more that the C7. The CX truck is also lighter than the C7 and holds better in tricks. The CX has a unique geometry and is also protected with a registered patent. For more information about the Carver trucks, please watch the video on our website, how to ride a Carver.
What Carver model should I buy?
When you consider purchasing a Carver, you should consider your riding style, height and weight. If you like to pump and do radical maneuvers and if you are younger and weigh less than 75 kilos, then the smaller models are recommended. If your riding style is mellow and you are looking to flow, then the larger models might suit you better. Also for bigger riders (taller and heavier) the longer models will suit better. Generally speaking, it can be said that the smaller Carver models resemble the comparison of a shortboard, for surfing smaller waves and a longer board (36′ and up), suitable for surfing bigger waves. It is possible that those who prefer to surf on a smaller board, will also prefer to ride a smaller Carver model (up to 36′). Many surfers start with a certain model and later on get different models, to fill their quiver with different sizes. It’s just like with surfboards – you want to have a few different sizes, that will suit different surf conditions.
Where can I buy a Carver?
You can purchase a Carver only at one of the authorized shops. A full list of the authorized dealers in Israel can be found on the website.
One of my wheels isn’t spinning – why is that?
You should check if one of the screws is too tight and if so release it a bit. If that doesn't solve the problem then you might need to change the bearings. We recommend using the original Carver Abec 7 bearings, available at our shop or any authorized shop