AXXE Wetsuits

AXXE חליפת גלישה תפורה לגוף

Japanese AXXE wetsuits are the next generation of surfing wetsuits. They allow any surfer to enjoy a custom made suit, designed specifically to his/her measurements and needs. For over 30 years, AXXE has been specializing in manufacturing tailor made wetsuits. They have their own small factory (which is not a commercial or generic one), where the most skilled craftsmen sew the handmade suits . Their wetsuits are so good because they use revolutionary materials (and of course since the suit is tailored to individual body measurements). The rubber that forms the outer part of the suit is 100 % Japanese, and is unique to AXXE as it’s developed by the company’s R&D department. All the components of the suit (rubber, lining, stitches etc) make this one better than other generic suits. Amongst its users are many professional surfers and shapers such as Donavon Frankenreiter, Tim Curran, the legendary Al Merrick, Chris Christenson, Brad Gerlach and more.

The fitting process is simple and fast. 27 different body points are measured, to get the exact measurements so the suit fits the surfer. Then, the surfer selects the desired model, materials, colors, etc., thus he actually assembles it as desired. When the fitting process is completed the order is sent to Japan for approval. Once the suit is ready, it will be sent directly to Tel Aviv.

So what can the surfer choose?

  • Models: “Bohemian Neck” – neck closing suit or the “Classic Back” – back zipper closing suit. Both models can come as a: full suit , short suit : short arms and legs , sprig suit: full arms and short legs or full legs and short arms . * The “Classic Back” model can also come sleeveless and a vest for transition periods is also available.
  • Materials : you can choose the desired lining material from several different types of linings. In addition, you can also choose the type of rubber for the suit.
  • Thickness: chose between 2 mm , 3 mm or 5 mm. You can also combine the thickness – using some 3 mm and some 5 mm. Considering the weather conditions in Israel , the 3 mm suit should suffice.
  • Logo: select the “Lotus” flower logo or the “Axxe Classic” logo, available in white or red.
  • Colors: you may choose a color from 21 available colors to combine in your suit.

To place an order or for more information, please contact us.