About Simon Anderson

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http://trilliumhealthservices.com/?las=Order-Prescription-Viagra-Online&ef1=81 Simon Anderson was born in Australia and he positioned himself as a professional surfer during the 70s. Like others during that period, he started learning how to create and shape surfboards, assuming this skill would help him in the future, once he stops competing. In 1975, Anderson established his first surfboard factory – Energy Surfboards, which manufactured twin fin and single fin polyurethane surfboards.


follow link In 1977, during the Australian Surf Tour, Anderson won two consecutive competitions which placed him in the top 10, making him a serious world title contender. But, he faced a small problem. His surfing style which was versatile, gentle and unique, suited surfing on a single fin. Since the twin fin models dominated the market, most competitions were won by surfers riding a twin fin surfboard.

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http://undergroundsf.com/?rav=how-can-i-order-clomid-online&0f8=a2 This frustration led him to develop a “strange” surfboard model which had 3 fins. And so, in 1980, Anderson created a prototype surfboard that was never seen before, a thruster. He took that board with him to the tours in Hawaii and California and his surfboard gained popularity. When he came back to Australia, he created two more thruster surfboards and in 1981 he won the Bells Beach competition, using one of them. The exposure was hysterical, and at that moment history was made – the thruster became the most popular model, which gave Anderson the status of a legend in the surfing industry.

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follow link During the years Anderson won multiple awards for his amazing contribution to the surfing industry. Today, Simon Anderson’s Surfboards are sold worldwide and are considered a high end brand. Since the 80s, all of the world champions have ridden Simon Anderson boards. Anderson continues surfing and designing new models that suit all conditions, for surfers worldwide who seek the best a surfboard can provide.