About Pro-Lite

Pro-Lite was founded by two surfers, who traveled frequently, Bill Hapgood and Dave Neilson. At that time they both worked for an airline company travelling the world but realized that something critical was missing in their trips – they needed to protect their surfboards. In 1982 the company was established and initially they only manufactured surfboard travel bags. This placed the company on the map as the first to produce high quality surfboards travel bags in the U.S.

As the brand’s reputation grew, the expectation from surfers in the U.S. and around the world grew, that Pro-Lite will provide them with additional surfboard equipment they could use during their trips. Within no time, professional surfers from around the world started using the company’s travel bags on tour.

During the 90’s Pro-Lite expanded its product line and today it manufactures day surfboard bags, travels surfboard bags, leashes, racks, traction pads and more. The company produces premium products using high quality materials and innovative modern technology which is exclusive to the company.