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click here It all happened during a quiet and flat summer in Venice, CA. Two good friends, Greg and Neil had surfed all winter and wanted to keep on surfing during the long summer days, where the surf is flat and even the longboards barely catch waves. Like other surfers, they used to ride their skateboards on the streets of Venice which are full of alleys and banks that resemble concrete waves. But, they were both surprised how riding their skateboard was unlike surfing. They missed the snap that a surfboard had, where the tail lets you pump for speed on a wave. Their stiff skateboards did not allow them to feel like they were surfing.


http://appraisalpropertyshop.com/?qsw=Cheap-Viagra-Online-Pharmacy&dc7=c2 Greg and Neil started to look for a way they could make the front skateboard truck turn, which would ideally resemble the turning motion a surfboard has. After several attempts, they reached the unique C7 truck, which has a spring that brings back the upper part of the truck to the middle after each left and right turn.


http://leponge.fr/?amp=Buy-Viagra-Online-In-Uk&b12=2d They first created a prototype that surfers could try, to see if they felt like they were surfing on concrete. The response was amazing. Laird Hamilton fell in love with the prototype and started using it as a training tool for big wave surfing in Hawaii. Hamilton helped Greg and Neil plan several models, and the brand Carver, started picking up. With time, demand for Carver Skateboards grew steadily in the USA and in international markets.


enter site Nowadays, the two are still working on developing, innovating and improving their original truck. Carver is now a world known, well respected, surfskate brand that surfers such as Taylor Knox and Josh Kerr represent and help lead the brand. Carver Skateboards is the ultimate product for surfers that want to continue surfing when waves are flat and also maintain their surfing fitness.