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I checked the bottle and it said 'budeprion.' " (Generic for Wellbutrin XL.) After hearing similar complaints about this same drug, I called the FDA and spoke with a physician in the generic drugs division. She was not impressed, and stated that the number of complaints about generic Wellbutrin was too low to justify concern.

I have been taking generic Wellbutrin 450mg for the past couple of years combined with generic Zoloft 50mg. I have never had good results and every other ... I want to be able obtain the name brand Wellbutrin XL 300 mg even if I do have to pay .00 for it. It would be well worth it If it works The same as it used to for me When my insurance did pay for it. I have been taking Wellbutrin XL for 8 years now, and there is NO DOUBT that the generics are horrible And do not work for me. Apr 14, 2018
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@ wellbutrin generic vs brand cost best fat burner for women ★★ [ WELLBUTRIN GENERIC VS BRAND COST ]. Provide you with the fastest ways. Philosophical Explorations, 14 2011 , 237-248. In 13 Things That Don''t Make Sense, Michael Brooks meets wellbutrin generic vs brand 2013 thirteen modern-day anomalies that may become tomorrow''s breakthroughs. Bruce Fisher wellbutrin generic vs brand 2013 1 Dr.


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