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Weaning off Cymbalta with Prozac - posted in Weaning Off Cymbalta: I had to write in and let everyone know that I am on day 2 of weaning off the nasty Cymb ...

Doctor thinks I built an immunity to it so now I am going off of Prozac and slowly working up to 50mgs of Zoloft per day. Was also on Klonopin for years and now am slowly weaning off of that and switching to Valium .5 mgs 3 times a day. I panic now about when I am going to have a panic attack. Okay, for anyone who is trying to wean off Cymbalta, here's what I did and it worked like a CHARM! Was on 60mgs/day for 1 1/2 years. Started 30mgs/day for 10 days. Started 15mgs/day for about 3 weeks. Stopped Cymbalta and started 20mgs Prozac on the same day for 5 days. Stopped the Prozac (none yesterday or today) and I feel totally back to normal. I hope that your medication transition goes smoothly. I am going off effexor and onto pristiq right now. Like Jamie says, follow doctors advice. In other words, take both medications for a week and then drop the Cymbalta. Later, taper off Prozac. He acknowledged Prozac can have its withdrawal problems, but given Prozac's long half-life, gradual tapering should be much easier than tapering off Cymbalta. And, at least Prozac comes in a liquid.

Weaning Off Zoloft To Cymbalta ... MDD 2002 Prozac - bad; Zoloft - good - off after 13 ... Tapered off Cymbalta to Zoloft now Anxiety & Shortness of Breath ... Weaning off Cymbalta. ... I don't know if Prozac can do the same thing with Cymbalta, ... I also had to come off Cymbalta and had mapped out a plan like ...

How to taper off your antidepressant. ... (Cymbalta) 90. 60. 30. 20. ... Will Prozac help my premenstrual depression? Weaning off cymbalta successfully - How to wean off of cymbalta (duloxetine) 120 mgs in 2 weeks? Depends. This is best handled by your prescribing physician. Generally: One waits 6 weeks to see what are all the effects of coming off a med like cymbalta . Cymbalta (duloxetine) can have an"upper" effect and so can ginko-so don't start too soon. In general, I advise not taking supplements more than 5 days a week when you do take them and also introduce them 1 at a time.

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