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6/12mm gravel Our COREglowTM stone is an engineered glowing stone, based on proprietary luminescent material and synthetic resins (PS, PP, etc). When exposed to a light source the luminescent material within the COREglowTM Stone becomes chemically excited and will maintain an afterglow, initially very radiant, then slowly dissipating. All COREglow™ products are non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Power Saving Solar Power. All COREglow™ products requires no electricity and thus no wires, no power supply and no batteries. This saves natural resources and is another eco-friendly benefit. CORE Landscape Products design, manufacture and supply high quality eco-friendly products that are built to last and require minimal maintenance. We are proud to say our products are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Core Glow Stones, Crystals, Powder, ... Core Gravel 65-30 - Large Sized Pallet (910 sq ft or 130 panels) ,002. CORE gravel 65-30 is CORE's newest product! Low Cost. This permeable paving costs less than concrete, asphalt, or block pavers. CORE Features. Super strong. Enhanced load bearing causes no rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic. Keep costs low with easy maintenance and use less gravel, since the gravel won't move around. Stabilise gravel and turf. Get gravel/turf to stay put, no ruts, no sinking, no problems. Low cost. Because the gravel/turf won’t move around you can use less, giving you a porous service that costs less than concrete, asphalt or block pavers. CORE Products - THE Gardening ... This is COREglow gravel scattered on a gravel driveway at night. ... Low cost - COREbond's ... KEEP GRAVEL IN ITS PLACE WITH COREGRAVEL ... 4. Low Cost 5. Easy to install ... COREGLOW AnD COREMARKER The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic is the kickoff event of the Oregon Triple Crown Series of premier, and challenging events each May. CORE Gravel Foundations. CORE Gravel™ is a gravel stabilizing system that consists of a foundation of connected honeycomb-celled panels with a geotextile ...
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