can you get high on celexa rating
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Wow coreglia antelminelli weeronline I can't believe this guy fooled all of you. lol. "kandykilla420?" Yeah, right. This is some young guy who got prescribed citalopram and wants to know if he can get high off of it. He obviously made up that story about his "daughter." I am posting this so that hopefully somebody will learn something here. This can be a jarring experience for someone only looking to get high. Also, individuals taking Citalopram should be very careful when drinking, as alcohol tolerance goes way down while on this sort of antidepressant. You may want to lower your dose because you are experiencing your fair share of them. I'm surprised your feeling anything similar to "euphoria" but it is a more rare side effect. Unfortunately for you, this will go away in at least a week like the other side effects. Don't expect to feel like you do right now on Citalopram. Can you get high off citalopram - On atenelol 25mg 2aday for pressure, pressure is goodand citalopram hbr 10mg fo depressio & anxiety. Does atenelol keepur ... This Site Might Help You. RE: can you get high off citalopram? not kidding my friends. my aunt who lives with me is a recovering addict from ...
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