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I take Strattera (100mg)! It works wonders if it is taken properly. Don't copulate with it! Follow doctor's instructions! I know for a fact that if you miss taking it for three days you will have funky dreams at best. At worst, your dreams will be so bad that you will be convinced that the demonic realm is very real. Ok so to your question can you get high, the first day i took it after about a year of not taking it, honestly i felt like **** but yet relaxed. I got very tired quickly i felt like i was floating and i felt weak. This goes away after about 3-4 days of taking it. It's not a question of should you snort strattera but can you. Short answer is yes but you probably shouldn't. It burns badly and hits you quicker & slightly stronger but I certainly wouldn't recommend it. If you are not use to taking Strattera and especially if the drug is not prescribed for you, you will get high off of it. You should only take the drug under a doctor's di … rection. Possible effects of snorting Strattera. ... The only problem about it is the higher you get, ... Snorting Strattera is dangerous! It can cause nerve ... ... ☀☀☀ strattera high snort ☀☀☀. buy online without a doctor is prescription. strattera high snort,We collect what you ... you can now get ... We have special offers for you. strattera high snort,If you want to take care of your health.. Get ... All fish can strattera high snort be prepared ... As you can probably tell from my blog, I have a massive love for Indian street food. Since moving to Moseley my tried and tested hangover cure has become chicken tikka and aloo tikki chaat from Zindiya, eaten cross-legged on the floor so we can watch TV without staining the sofa. Trust me, strattera high snort works. I was wondering if a friend could use strattera too get high ? ... year by donating whatever you can ... Other - Can someone get "high" off of strattera ... Strattera is a non-stimulant medication (for the treatment of ADHD), which puts it in a separate class from other stimulant medications such as Adderall and Ritalin. To the best of my knowledge you can't get high off of it- which sucks for those of us who have perscriptions to Strattera rather than Adderall.
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